Celebrating 10 Years of Singing for Boys Town Jerusalem

“Wonderful”, “inspiring”, “uplifting” were just some of the words used by the audience and participants to describe the 10th annual Boys Town Jerusalem Jewish Primary School Choral Festival which took place on Sunday at the artsdepot.5d3_4658

“It is such a privilege for Boys Town Jerusalem to be able to organise this event, the pupils and the staff of the 11 choirs that participated are just amazing and put so much into it” said Ian Kamiel, Executive Development Director of Boys Town Jerusalem here in the UK “it is a really wonderful way for our school children to help young people in Israel and it means a great deal to the 950 pupils at Boys Town Jerusalem to have the support of Jewish school children more than 2,000 miles away!”
As the finale to the performance, the Boys Town Jerusalem choir recorded a version of the song Yesh Tikva (click here for link) which the school choirs all sung and danced along to.

The event raised more than £20,000 through ticket sales and a fundraising brochure for Boys Town Jerusalem.