Boys Town Jerusalem Graduate Plays Key Role in Revolutionary New Jerusalem Highway

The newly-completed Menachem Begin Highway enables drivers to cross the entire capital city, in just 12 minutes – without one traffic light and as drivers use the new road they can thank Boys Town Jerusalem graduate and civil engineer Yair Singer who directed the complex project.

Yair, who graduated from Boys Town in 1998, assumed responsibility in 2011 for the massive construction of the Begin South Interchange, the final stretch of the 10-mile highway and described the project as akin to “conducting a symphony orchestra.”

During the course of the massive project, Yair took pains to deal sensitively with the local residents who were impacted by the construction. “In the Beit Safafa neighbourhood, for example, we laid new lawns for residents and we built a new park for the community. We also installed acoustic protection for residents of Gilo, a neighbourhood adjacent to the interchange.”

This care and concern for the individual, Yair notes, is something he learned at Boys Town Jerusalem. “The personal attention to each student, which does not exist in other educational institutions, is something I’ve taken with me and applied in all aspects of my life.”

begin-highwayMoreover, Yair credits Boys Town’s unique combination of a Jewish and technological education with giving students the ability to think differently about things and problem solve. “In today’s world, it’s crucial to educate our youth both to think and to care.”


“Boys Town Jerusalem opened my horizons to aim and reach as high as I can.” As such, the 37-year-old BTJ alumnus is really achieving great things. At the gala ceremony marking the opening of the highway, Yair Singer stood proudly alongside Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, and Minister of Transport Israel Katz.