Your Support Helps Provide for the Pupils’ Basic Needs

3 Meals a Day

◊  regrettably, many students rely on the school for their most basic needs including food, clothes and shoes. Boys Town’s kitchens produce nearly 3,000 meals daily at a cost of over $7,000

◊  it is one of only a few Israeli schools under government auspices that serve three fresh, nutritious, hot meals daily for students

A Roof Over Their Head

◊  currently, approximately 40% of students live on campus

◊  every student has a bed at the school and can use their room as a ‘safe space’, somewhere they can relax and do school work

Someone to Talk To

◊  Boys Town Jerusalem is the only school in Jerusalem that offers its students in-house welfare support

◊  the Social Services Centre comprises 2 social workers and 4 guidance counsellors

◊  over the last year, the welfare team reported a sharp increase in student demand across all school years. The centre counselled over 70% of the students, of whom ten percent meet a social services professional on a nearly daily basis