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Students Help Their Families and Boys Town Jerusalem Over the Summer

decoratingA group of nearly 20 high school students from Boys Town Jerusalem reported for work the day after the school year ended, paint brushes and screwdrivers in hand, to help with the repair works and redecoration the school undertakes in preparation…

Arabic Lessons Boost Students’ Skills

At Boys Town Jerusalem, an enthusiastic group of students is devoting their free time to learn to speak Arabic in one of the school’s new extracurricular classes. In light of Israel’s ongoing security situation and the need to be conversant with its neighbours, the IDF is encouraging schools to…

Helping Families Get Through the Summer

Thanks to our supporters, Boys Town Jerusalem is able to provide pupils with a varied summer programme to ensure that their physical, emotional and academic needs are looked after over the long summer break.

Teachers also monitor and review the welfare of individual pupils during the summer holidays.

Courses include:

Maths & English Enrichment

Student Builds 3D Printer From Scratch

This is Shai, a student at the Boys Town Jerusalem College of Applied Engineering built a 3D printer from scratch for his end of year project.

Shai will be joining the Israeli Air Force next month.