Student Gives Back to Boys Town

As a student in Boys Town Jerusalem’s College of Applied Engineering (CAE), Avinoam Katsernov impressed with a series of outstanding achievements.


Avinoam Kasternov (far right) with students at Boys Town’s College of Applied Engineering

“Avinoam shone from the minute he arrived at Boys Town,” recalled Yosef Dahan, one of the CAE teachers. Although he had no background in electronics, Avinoam quickly mastered the subject and excelled in his studies, eventually being accepted onto the IDF’s prestigious “Marom” programme, which trains students to assume leadership positions in technological R&D units.

Despite the demands of the very full-time CAE curriculum, Avinoam took advantage of what was available at Boys Town by enrolling in the Cisco Computer Networking course, becoming the first CAE student to combine electronics and advanced computer studies. This remarkable young man then enrolled for night classes at the Jerusalem College of Technology, working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.

Ultimately Avinoam (21) was recruited by the IDF into its celebrated “atudah” programme, enabling him to complete his degree prior to his military service. During his six‐years in the IDF, he will be an officer in a Cyber Security unit and also obtain his Master’s degree.

True to form, this year the full‐time university student returned to BTJ as a teacher’s assistant at the CAE. This enables him to earn money towards his university tuition – at Boys Town his tuition was covered by a generous scholarship.

“I’ve learned so much whilst teaching” Avinoam admits, “Whether teaching one‐to‐one or giving a lecture, I’m learning how to best explain concepts and information. When I work with teams of students, I’m delegating tasks.

He is also keeping up with his problem-solving skills by mentoring a group of students who designed and built a sophisticated automobile collision‐prevention system. “Best of all, the students I advised got a mark of 96 from the Ministry of Education examiners!” he smiles.