Become a Patron

Committed givers are a valued group of loyal donors to Boys Town Jerusalem who share our passion for providing young people in Israel from limited backgrounds with an unlimited future. Your contribution will help ensure that the lives of so many young Israelis are transformed for the better and that they and Israel can look forward to an even brighter future.

Become a Patron of Boys Town Jerusalem £5,000 (Minimum Per Annum)

Patrons provide a vitally important source of regular income for Boys Town Jerusalem, helping to ensure that it can continue to provide an exceptional education and unparalleled pastoral care.

Over and above the vital financial support, your association with Boys Town Jerusalem is so important for the reputation of the charity and encourages others to follow suit and deepen their engagement with Jerusalem’s most remarkable school.

Patrons of Boys Town Jerusalem will benefit from the following:patron-page-pic
Recognition of your support with a plaque at Boys Town Jerusalem
The opportunity to have your name on our notepaper and website
An annual report giving the latest developments at the school
The option of a VIP tour and lunch at Boys Town Jerusalem
An exclusive invitation to an annual tour of an Israeli Air Force base given by a Boys Town Jerusalem graduate
An optional briefing from Boys Town Jerusalem’s International Development Director

Become a Friend of Boys Town Jerusalem £1,800 (Minimum Per Annum)

This is our way of recognising and thanking our dedicated supporters for their continued generosity and commitment to Boys Town Jerusalem.

Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem you will be benefit from the following:friends-page-pic
The opportunity to have your support recognised on our website
The option of a VIP tour and lunch at Boys Town Jerusalem
An annual report with key updates on recent developments from Boys Town Jerusalem
The option of an annual briefing from Boys Town Jerusalem’s Executive Development Director


To become a Patron or Friend or discuss any aspect further, please contact:
Joshua Churney, UK Development Coordinator T: +44 (0)20 8090 8421  E: