The Summer Programme is Vital for our Pupils

DSCF340114-year-old Omri has been suffering from depression since his father tragically died from cancer. Our social workers and caring teachers comfort and support Omri and slowly but surely he has become happier and more confident.

However, with the summer vacation approaching, Omri’s progress has stalled. Without school to keep him busy, the concern is that Omri’s depression will resurface.

It is a similar story for Giora. When he was very young, his parents went through a difficult divorce and since then he has been passed from home to home. His parents are unwilling to give their son a home and cannot contribute a penny for his schooling or dormitory expenses. Boys Town Jerusalem has become Giora’s only home.

“Summer vacation can be a catastrophe for many of our boys who face violence, loneliness and the pain of poverty each and every day,” admits Rabbi Rosencrantz, school Principal.

Thankfully, over the summer, Boys Town Jerusalem offers a full programme of activities to keep the boys occupied. It also ensures that the teachers can keep a watchful eye on these and so many other vulnerable pupils, ensuring they continue to receive the support they need.

Whether it’s sports, swimming, or days out, the summer camp is a necessity for boys like Omri & Giora. Not only do we provide activities throughout the day, but each boy gets food, sleeping accommodation and can receive additional educational support to help them prepare for the upcoming school year. The school also offers some boys the opportunity to do small jobs on campus, allowing them to earn some spending money.

“Our summer programme is truly a lifesaver.”