A Mother’s Gratitude – Summer Camp

“The water park was my favourite place, but I’ve had fun every day in camp,” *Barak declared. Sadly, the thirteen-year-old has had very few happy times over the last year since his father was diagnosed with cancer.

summer-camp_boy“Barak’s mother keeps calling to tell me how grateful she is for the day camp.” Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz reports. “Every day my son is thrilled with the activities on offer, I know that he’s eating a great breakfast and lunch, keeping up with his schoolwork and best of all having fun with his friends. If he were home, he’d be staring at four walls.”

Barak is one of many BTJ campers enduring a very difficult situation at home. Rabbi Rosencrantz notes that the boys attending the camp face poverty, abuse and much, much more.

“Last week one of the boys approached me to ask if he could take any leftover sandwiches home for his brothers and sisters. I felt so sad that a child had to ask for food but heartened that he felt comfortable enough to ask me,” the rabbi said, “we happily sent him home with the food and every day we pack up the leftover food and send it home with the boys. We’re grateful for the opportunity to extend our Day Camp’s crucial ‘nourishment’ one step further.”

“We know that this day camp is a lifesaver,” he declares, “other camps are too expensive for any of our families to consider.”

 *not his real name