Boys Town Jerusalem Awarded Top CISCO Prize

Nearly 20 years after Boys Town Jerusalem opened the very first Cisco Networking Academy in the Middle East, the school has been granted Cisco’s “Above and Beyond Award” for 2019 as the best academy in the entire European

In granting Boys Town Jerusalem the prestigious award, Cisco cited the school’s positive community impact, innovation and leadership. “The real prize is the opportunity to enable young men to make outstanding contributions towards improving the present and future,” says their teacher Shlomo Serok proudly.

“In the early years, educators from across the world flocked to Boys Town Jerusalem to get a firsthand look at our Cisco Networking Academy,” recalls Serok, who has headed the academy since its inception and was recently named by the Ministry of Education as Israel’s Best Computer Science & Networking Teacher for 2019.


Ambassador David Quarrey speaking to Cisco students earlier this year

Today’s challenge is to cultivate BTJ’s Cisco Networking Academy students to meet the demands of special high-level IDF Cisco units. “The Academy’s international curriculum is quite difficult for most of our students, primarily those who grapple with poverty and strife at home,” says Shlomo Serok. “But as long as they’re motivated to succeed, we can give them the finest tools.