From Iran to Boys Town Jerusalem…and Onwards!

yitzchakThe hilly green landscape of Yitzchak David-Pour’s Boys Town Jerusalem home hardly resembles the remote desert of Yazd, Iran, which he left for Israel in 2013. When he arrived at Boys Town Jerusalem at 15, Yitzchak could not speak any Hebrew but within three months, with the support of the school’s staff and fellow pupils, he had grasped basic Hebrew, made friends and begun to pursue a penchant for electronics.

After successfully passing his Bagrut (the equivalent of A Levels), Yitzchak was accepted into BTJ’s College of Applied Engineering (CAE) for high-level studies in conjunction with the Israel Defense Forces. Yitzchak excelled in the college’s Electrical Engineering Programme and, following his recent graduation from the CAE, Yitzchak will serve for at least 5 years as an officer in the Israeli Air Force.

In the future, Yitzchak looks forward to continuing his studies in engineering and beginning a career in high-tech.

Yitzchak firmly credits his success and achievements to the boundless love and support of BTJ housemother Rachel Cohen-Pur. “I had Rachel,” he says simply. “She gave me strength.”

Alongside the enormous pride Rachel takes in Yitzchak, she is pained by the suffering he has faced. “The situation at his home is quite difficult,” she explains. “Yitzchak’s father is badly disabled and cannot work, his younger brother is also acutely handicapped and his mother works long hours at low-paid jobs to support the family. They are a very close, loving family and very grateful for all that Boys Town Jerusalem has given Yitzchak.”

Thanks to the school’s donors, Yitzchak, like many others, was granted a full scholarship for tuition, room and board.

“I’ll always be grateful to Boys Town Jerusalem for giving me so much,” Yitzchak declares, “I look forward to being able to give back to the school one day.”