Joy as Ariel Moves into the Dormitories at Boys Town Jerusalem

Ariel*, a Year 10 pupil at Boys Town Jerusalem, was delighted the day that he moved into the school’s dormitory. At home, his father’s threatening and violent behaviour over the years had reached an intolerable level. “It’s hell at home,” Ariel informed his teachers. “I’m not going back there.”isaac_letter

According to Principal Rabbi Yehudah Rosencrantz, Ariel’s home situation was appalling and despite attempts to mediate, there was no realistic chance of reconciliation between Ariel and his father and little hope that the circumstances would improve in the near future.

Ariel moved into the dormitories at Boys Town Jerusalem and is thriving. “Despite the blows that Ariel has been dealt in life, he is strong,” Rabbi Yehudah, “For the present, our mission is to give Ariel as much happiness and hope as we possibly can and to ensure he does as well as possible in his studies, this is key to him securing a brighter future.”

With his family unable to make any payment whatsoever, Ariel is on a 100% scholarship for tuition and room and board. This would not be possible without your support!

 *not his real name