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The Summer Programme is Vital for our Pupils

DSCF340114-year-old Omri has been suffering from depression since his father tragically died from cancer. Our social workers and caring teachers comfort and support Omri and slowly but surely he has become happier and more confident.

However, with the summer vacation approaching, Omri’s…

Boys Town Jerusalem Awarded Top CISCO Prize

Nearly 20 years after Boys Town Jerusalem opened the very first Cisco Networking Academy in the Middle East, the school has been granted Cisco’s “Above and Beyond Award” for 2019 as the best academy in the entire European

In granting Boys Town…

Joy as Ariel Moves into the Dormitories at Boys Town Jerusalem

Ariel*, a Year 10 pupil at Boys Town Jerusalem, was delighted the day that he moved into the school’s dormitory. At home, his father’s threatening and violent behaviour over the years had reached an intolerable level. “It’s hell at home,” Ariel informed his teachers. “I’m not going back there.”

Dr. Maro Gete Comes Full Circle

maro-Gete-2015In 1991, nine-year-old Maro Gete, his parents and nine brothers and sisters immigrated to Israel from a small village in Ethiopia. Maro had never attended school and could not read or write. At the age of 14, he began living and…