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A Mother’s Gratitude – Summer Camp

“The water park was my favourite place, but I’ve had fun every day in camp,” *Barak declared. Sadly, the thirteen-year-old has had very few happy times over the last year since his father was diagnosed with cancer.

summer-camp_boy“Barak’s mother keeps calling to…

Helping Amitai Find His Calling

Amitai, the sixth boy in his family to attend Boys Town Jerusalem, had always struggled to find his focus. “I would skip class, I wouldn’t study and I was thinking of dropping out.”.

As part of the Boys Town Jerusalem curriculum, all pupils are required to do some volunteering and last…

From Iran to Boys Town Jerusalem…and Onwards!

yitzchakThe hilly green landscape of Yitzchak David-Pour’s Boys Town Jerusalem home hardly resembles the remote desert of Yazd, Iran, which he left for Israel in 2013. When he arrived at Boys Town Jerusalem at 15, Yitzchak could not speak any Hebrew…

Aviel has come a very long way

When Aviel joined Boys Town Jerusalem no one would have believed that in a few years he would have grown into one of the school’s star students.aviel