A gift in your Will


Your gift can help ensure a brighter for some of Israel’s most disadvantaged young people.

Week of mealsAfter providing for your family and friends, you may be considering leaving a gift to a charity or charities. If this is the case, then please do consider Boys Town Jerusalem.

A gift to Boys Town Jerusalem, no matter the size, will help transform a young person’s future and in turn have a positive impact for future generations and without the generosity of those leaving gifts in their Will, Boys Town Jerusalem would not be able to continue its life-changing work.

Why leave a gift to Boys Town Jerusalem?

Since 1948 Boys Town Jerusalem has been educating and caring for some of Israel’s most vulnerable young people, transforming thousands of lives.

As well as providing a first-class secular education focussing on technology and a varied Jewish curriculum, the pupils receive so much more at Boys Town Jerusalem:

IMG_2988– three nourishing meals each day

– practical support such as clothing and travel expenses

– full-time dedicated counselling services

– one-to-one tutoring support

– dedicated special needs classes

Boys Town Jerusalem will even organise a Bar Mitzvah for them if their family situation prevents this.

How to Leave a Gift in your Will

Whether you are writing your Will for the first time or making a change to an existing Will in order to include a gift to a charity or charities, you should seek legal assistance to make sure everything is in order and as you wish.


Making a gift to charity in your Will can actually help you reduce the amount of your estate that goes to the taxman (see table below).

Scenario A
Scenario B
Taxable estate
Charitable donation
£10,000 (10%)
Revised taxable estate
Inheritance tax
£40,000 @ 40%
£32,400 @ 36%
Available for family & friends

As you can see, in Scenario B, the donor has left £10,000 to charity, but it has only depleted the amount left to family and friends by 4%.

Get in Touch

If you would like to discuss any aspect of leaving a gift in your Will to Boys Town Jerusalem, please contact Josh (UK Development Coordinator) on 020 8090 8421.

I would be delighted to meet you at your convenience for an informal, confidential discussion.