Life-changing Legacies

After looking after your family and friends, please consider a gift to us in your Will and leave a legacy that can transform someone’s future. The donations you make during your lifetime are so valuable and make such a difference here and now to the lives of the pupils at Boys Town Jerusalem but by leaving a legacy you can have an impact on future generations of Jewish children and Israel

Making a Will

A legacy in your Will which is correctly worded and left to British Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem is completely free of inheritance tax and does not use up any of your tax-free limit. Any solicitor should be able to help you with the correct wording.

Making a will, whilst providing for your family and friends, also enables you to make sure your money and possessions are given away as you wanted them to be. Making a small change to a will can be made by making a codicil. More significant changes require a new will to be drawn up.

We would strongly suggest you use a solicitor to make or amend your will. If you would like to leave a gift to British Friends of Boys Town Jerusalem in this way, there are some points below to consider. If you need to discuss leaving a donation in your will or require any further information please call us on 020 8090 8421.

What types of gifts are there?

There are three main types of gifts in wills (legacies):

A residuary gift is when a person leaves a percentage of their estate.

A pecuniary gift is a gift of a specified sum of money.

A specific gift is a gift of a particular item such as books, paintings, antiques, or jewellery.

There are other types of legacies which you can discuss with your solicitor. If you would like to discuss making a legacy to Boys Town, please contact Ian Kamiel (Executive Development Director) on 020 8090 8421

We will be happy to visit at your convenience in your own home for an informal confidential discussion.